2022 Hackade Awards: Congratulations to the Planet-Friendly Power finalists!

The 2022 Hackaday Prize focuses on lightening our load on the planet, and one obvious way to do this is to find and store locally renewable energy – our first challenge round theme: Planet-Friendly Power. Our judges have studied all the entries and they have 7 votes Each of these ten projects will now receive $ 500 and is eligible for the $ 50,000 grand prize announced in November.

Most of the alternative energy sources you want to see were presented: solar, wind and water. But everyone has their own twist on the subject. For example, a low-cost solar panel solution shows that a DIY solar project has more to offer than just a panel. You have to support it, you have to protect it, you have to turn it towards the sun and you have to convert and store the stored energy. And [JP Gleyzes] Even recycling water bottles can be used to make 3D-printed parts. The Sun Chaser 2 puts the panel on wheels, taking it out of the shadows to gather maximum energy in a real-world backyard situation. Cute!

Finally, we had two great kite projects for collecting air with minimal setup on the go: kite propulsion and energy freedom while traveling. Both are still in the experimental phase, but both have great documentation of where their research projects stand.

Finally, the Moss Microbial Fuel Cell is really at the forefront of current research. The combination of rationally established microbial fuel cells with the photosynthetic energy of algae, [Guru-san] Able to light an LED for a few seconds at a time. It’s not too much, but it’s also a desktop-scale project. And who wouldn’t say leaf-shaped capacitor circuits to save sculptural energy?

Hacker power!

These are just a few of the ten finalists, not listed here in any particular order. Congratulations to all of you! We look forward to following your projects along the way, and wish you all the best.

Ten finalists from Planet-Friendly Power

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