2022 Hackade Rewards: Reuse, Reuse and Reconstruction of All Things

Where has the year gone? It’s already summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the second challenge of the 2022 Hackaday Awards will end this weekend, with you having a chance at one of ten $ 500 prizes. If you succeed in the last-minute challenges, consider yourself eleven hours. But don’t panic; There is still plenty of time to start a new project on Hackaday.io and take part in the competition.

The second challenge focuses on creating new ways to recycle materials. What does it look like? This is a pretty broad topic, but it can range from a good method of chip collection to a cheap and / or low-energy process using plastic scraps to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces to pieces.

Just don’t think big on a commercial scale – imagine what people can do at home with their recycle bins or things in their neighbor’s trash. If everyone had an access [Jerzeek]To identify its plastic scanner that plastic mystery can be made with buckets or old water, think about what can be done. Unless your project focuses on recycling, recycling, or rebuilding, we want to see it!

So far, we’ve seen a bunch of great projects, many of which focus on recycling plastics. There is PullStruder, which makes PET filaments from plastic bottles and a method of creating HDPE plastic vacuum directly from milk jugs. Acrylic scraps need to have multiple ways to upcycle new sheets and jewelry, but the best way must involve a water press and a car jack.

Recycling plastic is absolutely fantastic, but it’s not the only material available at the dump. You will probably have no problem finding tires from which to make footstools and tables, and if you are lucky you will have an old phone that could turn into an IoT assistant. If you want to take the round thing literally, dig up a printer and an old CD player and turn them into a mini pottery machine that uses cornstarch.

So basically, we have a bunch of great entries right now, but we don’t have yours! Remember: this doesn’t have to be a new project, just a new project Page. Did you revolutionize recycling during lockdown? Create a new project and tell us about it! Don’t forget to actually write the thing using the drop-down on the left before 7am PDT on Sunday, June 12. Need time to convert a countdown thing? We got you.

Once the Recycle Bin is empty, we will immediately move on to the Hack It Back Challenge. This time, we will ask you to teach new techniques of old technology or bring back a piece of gear from the dead. Turn a blender into a drummer-like tool, or upgrade an old ‘scope to a screen. You know what!

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