French gaming English word? Non Mercy!

Are you a gamer? If you are French, it seems you should not use so much English to achieve your goals.

This is a feature of an active language, it will easily integrate words from others. Pizza, Karaoke, Vuvuzela, Parca, Getau, Shadenfreud, they all played their part. I don’t know what In our daily speeches. This happens as a normal process because what the word is describing becomes popular and sometimes these new words elicit a response from those who see themselves as the guardians of the language.

Often this is a marginal activity such as the British politician who in a radio interview fooled himself by emphasizing the now-ancient Wade-Giles “Peking” instead of the widely common Pinyin “Beijing”, but for some languages ​​this is no laughing matter. It is nowhere near the world of the Francophone, where the Academy Frances and the French and Quebec governments see themselves as the official guardians of the French. And now it seems that the French Ministry of Culture has turned its attention to gamers.

This word-of-mouth verification of technology is nothing new, it was a quarter ago in the CD-ROM business. Hardness For local disk to talk Software, ComputerAnd Download Instead of programs, computers and downloads. The industry was talking about Sony refusing to do so for PlayStation consoles sold in Quebec in the 1990s, and thus all their sales in the province had to be under-the-counter. But there is an idea from reading the report that this intervention is a little clumsy; When it’s easy to say Argument We are not so sure Competitive video games Or video game competitions for e-sports and Live player-host Or the live player-animator for the streamer is not too much of a face for easy adaptation. For the first one, we can’t help remembering that sports is also an everyday French word, so can’t they come up with something less clumsy like Network sports Or network-sports?

Here at Hackade we have more than one Francophile remorseful, so in our case the evolution of the French word is of interest to us. Do you live in France or Quebec? Give us your idea in the comments! (But in English please Americans, sorry)

Header image: Christopher Macsurak, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Automatic water tarot keeps the grass watered

Summer is fast approaching (at least for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere) and if you need to maintain a lawn in your home, now is the time to think about irrigation. Many have built-in sprinkler systems to take care of their turf, but it’s a little (if any) fun for any kid who likes to play with these sprinklers. This sprinkler solves that problem, acting as an automatic water gun tower for anyone passing by.

The builder of the project, who had a specific sprinkler build low and a way to reuse some Khadas VIM3 single-board computers, [Neil], Mining wanted to use for something other than crypto The boards have a neural processing unit (NPU) that makes them ideal for such computer vision projects. The camera input is given to the NPU which then moves the tower to the correct position using Yao and the pitch driver. It is made up mostly of aluminum extrusion and 3D printed parts, and if you are interested in replicating the build, the project page goes into detail about all the necessary parts.

[Neil] Also actively working on project improvements, especially around Tarot’s ability to detect and track objects using OpenCV. We look forward to seeing more versions of this build in the future, and in the meantime be sure to check out some of the other automated sprinkler builds that we’ve addressed.

Save birds with 3D printed boats

Montana, aptly named the land of the big skies, is a beautiful state with lots of wide open landscapes, mountains and wildlife. It’s a great place to visit or stay, but if you’re in the town of Butte, that amazing Montana landscape has been distorted by the remnants of a huge open pit mine. It’s not just in the blink of an eye, the water that fills the hole is deadly to any bird there. As a result, a group of people have come up with some innovative methods to prevent birds from landing on man-made poisonous lakes for long periods of time.

When they first started, the only tool they had was a rifle. Frightening birds in this way is not the most effective way for all species, though, so lately they are turning to other tools. One is a custom boat built on a foam bodyboard that uses a plethora of 3D printed parts and sensors to allow operators to navigate remotely on toxic lakes. The team has a drone to intimidate birds, as well as an array of other equipment such as high-powered lasers, propane cannons and various opportunities to combine the most effective response to help save wildlife.

While this technique runs the gamut of the most featured tools here, from 3D printers to drones to lasers, the only thing missing is some automation as we’ve seen with other featured drone boats in the past. It takes quite a while for the birds to show constant fear from this lake, even in winter, so every help the team can get can go further.

Thanks [floz] For the tip!

Retrotectcular: Clay pipe the hard way

Troll YouTube long enough and chances are you’ll see all sorts of “how to make it” videos. And buried with the manufacturers of frying pans and treadmills and dental floss, there is no doubt that there is a need to dive deeper into how pipes are made. The methods will vary according to the material, but the similarities between copper, PVC, cast iron or even concrete, pipe factories is that they employ high levels of automation. With a product like pipe, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from other manufacturers on features, so the only way to compete is price. This means reducing bone costs, and it means getting rid of as many employees as possible.

As was not always the case, of course, this is how I lookrish Stoneware & Fireclays Ltd. The 1980s show produced clay pipes, drain tiles, and chimney flues. The amount of hand work involved in making a single, simple clay pipe is astonishing, as is the number of hands engaged in various tasks. The factory was located in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland, near the outcroping of a rock that produces the raw materials for its products. The process of excavating the rock and mixing it with the ground was one of the few mechanical steps; Although the extrusion of the pipe itself was mechanized, a team of workers was needed to load and unload the machines.

The amount of handwork that went into the pipes after coming out of the extruder was significant, especially the sewer pipes. The creation of the “Armstrong Junction”, a complex fitting that serves as a sewer line cleaning and inspection port, was interesting to look at, especially since almost no jigs were used and no measurements were taken. With skills and decades of experience it was strictly Mark I Ible staff.

We love these documentaries that now capture some of the long-lost ways of creating stuff. The “Hands” series was created by Ireland’s public service broadcaster RTÉ in the 1980s, and one realizes that even then, long before the current wave of off-shoring and globalization began, they knew they were capturing the last days. Dead art. We’re glad they did.