3D printing on a carburetor is easier than you might think

We were all there. You see a great gadget in 3D printing on the internet and you can’t wait to get the old printer turned on. Then you realize that it takes 8 different prints every 60 hours to get the final result, chemical post-processing, drilling, external hardware and paint. [Peter Holderith’s] The carburetor design, however, looks very simple.

If you have experience with real-world carbohydrates, you may wonder how it works, but as such [Peter] As the saying goes, carburetors are basically simple – nothing more than a venturi. All the extra pieces you think are necessary in special cases and for basic operations. We suspect, though, that you can actually use the thing in your car in its current form. There are no mounts and since he has printed it in PLA, it looks like a hot engine would be a bad idea. However, it works well with water and an electric blower.

[Peter] Mentioned that with some more work and the right ingredients, he will no doubt be able to create a functional practical carb. We think he is right. But even in this form, it can be a great educational project for a budding car enthusiast – like the old transparent V8 engine models.

Speaking of clarity, we’ve seen – or maybe not seen a good phrase – a viewing carburetor that is also a good performer. If you can perfect a 3D printed curb, it will make conversion projects much easier.

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