6 secret shortcuts to Chrome on Android

Friendly, I love to save sure seconds. And if there’s a field where requests are made to recover lost moments, it’s in the glossy Chrome browser on your favorite Android phone.

Google’s Android Chrome app is an absolute gold mine for hidden shortcuts and untested time-savers. And despite the fact that a few months ago we went over a ton of top-notch time-savers for the Chrome Android environment, I kept thinking to myself: “Gee Wilker, Mr. Wigglesby, there’s more to come.”

(Mr. Wigglesby when I call myself Really In deep thought but you already knew that – obviously.)

So I put on my favorite Spelinkin hat and set off to explore every last page of the Chrome Android app. I just I knew Some of these rarely had to be more time-saving treasures hidden in cuddly areas. And of course, I’ve found some incredible new gems for both of us to enjoy – all within the confines of the browser’s outstanding address bar.

Grab your strongest exploration boots and get ready. It’s time to open your eyes to some great extra shortcuts baked at the very top of your Chrome Android browser.

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 1: Hidden Tab Action

First, look at the box that shows you the total number of tabs opened in Chrome on Android – the round square shape at the top-right of the screen?

Chrome Android Shortcut: Tab Button JR

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

All right, make a mental note of it: if you press and hold that box for about a second, you’ll see a very useful menu of time-saving tab options.

Chrome Android Shortcut: Tab Button Menu JR

This is the fastest way to close your current tab or open a new one – be it regular or camouflage. And all You did It must be understood.

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 2: Quick-Navy Launchpad

Next, tap the actual address of the site you’re viewing in Chrome on your phone – the address you see right in the middle of the same bar on the TPT-top of your scribble-screen.

This will pull a slightly-used launchpad which is just right Overflow With great options:

Chrome Android Shortcut: Related Sites JR

Icons right next to the site name will let you share the page anywhere, Copy Edit this in the page address, and in the Chrome address bar (if you want to adjust it anyway).

And below that, you’ll see icons from other sites that Chrome thinks you might access next with search terms related to the page.

But wait! There is something else hidden in that area and waiting to be discovered …

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 3: Hidden Recent Search List

Here it is: After tapping the address of the site you are currently visiting, tap the “Related to this page” line.

This will cause Chrome to break that list and show you one The second List the most recent searches you’ve performed – on your phone, as well as any other device where you’re signed in to the same Google Account. You can then tap on any of these terms to start the same search there and then

Who knew ?!

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 4: Home Customizing Buttons

For this next tip, you’ll need to pretend you’re a homing pigeon and focus your beaded bird’s eye on a home-shaped icon – in the upper-left corner of the Chrome Android address bar.

(And if you do No. Look at that icon, open the browser settings, tap on the “homepage” and turn the toggle there to the on position. Then a loud “CAW!” Sound for better measurement.)

Press and hold that home button, and you’ll find a talk-away option for editing the Chrome home page. This will take you to a screen where you can set that default new tab page to whatever you want – a site that you often open from your phone, a Google image results page that shows photos of my face, or even a pigeon. Maybe – certain social networks.

Whatever the case, remember that shortcut, and you can change your Chrome Android homepage whenever your fluttering little feather-scented heart desires.

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 5: Browser Settings Speedway

Speaking of the Chrome home page, if you’re stuck with the standard Google New Tab page setup, you’ve got an easy option to access your browser settings directly at any time – without having to dig into any menus.

Just tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Chrome Android Shortcut: Home Settings JR

A tap of your trusted talon, and this is: You look at the Chrome settings as fast as you can say “Seriously, what’s the matter with this guy and the bird ?!”

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 6: Custom Address Bar Button

This may be my next favorite Android Chrome shortcut. Not long ago, Google added the ability to create your own custom shortcut button in Chrome’s address bar on any Android phone of your choice.

And if you haven’t activated it yet and / or haven’t set it up to match your workflow, tell you: you’re really missing out.

To get started, tap the three-point menu icon in the top-right corner of Chrome, select “Settings”, then scroll down and select “Toolbar Shortcuts.”

Think now about what Chrome commands would be most useful if available in an ever-present, one-tap-away placement. Browser By There is an option to automatically adjust the icon based on what It is I think you might need it at any moment, but personally, I think the key to making the shortcut useful and the muscle memory is able to show you the way – and I find that share command is the place to use most effectively. Mine Personal work style.

Chrome Android Shortcut: Toolbar Shortcut JR

Whatever you choose, make it a habit to use it yourself – and in seconds, they will be saved.

Oh, and one more thing …

Chrome Android Shortcut No. 7: Custom Address Bar Extra

If you’re not entirely sure you’ve chosen the best custom Chrome address bar action for your Android-tapping needs, don’t bother with your annoying face – there’s a simple shortcut to that simple lil button.

Press and hold your new custom button in the browser’s address bar, and how?

Chrome Android Shortcuts: Edit Toolbar Shortcuts JR

You will call a single-tap command to redefine its role based on demand and to change it at any time, for any purpose.

All that’s left is to push yourself back and call yourself Mr. Wigglesby. Hey, you’ve got it.

If you have learned one thing from this journey, keep up the pace I’m signing up for my completely free Android shortcut supercourse. You will reclaim countless precious moments and I promise: I will not mention pigeons anymore.

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