72 DIY instruments were played in 7 minutes

People have been making musical instruments from items at hand for thousands of years, and we are still showing no signs of slowing down, at least not all the artists. [Nicolas Bras] And collaborators [Sandrine Morais.] They have been designing and building a number of DIY instruments over the years, with this demo video highlighting 72 of them in just seven minutes!

Clearly, [Nicolas] One of those people who can literally play anything, and if you ask us, his skills show up very well. The Pilchards tin guitar found at 2:52 in the video and the electric box beat box at 2:10 especially the fine sounding are also quite interesting.

Mechanically, almost all normal methods of sound production are covered, such as the resonance of air within a shaped enclosure (flute, and the like), string vibrations that can be felt electrically (guitar, jitters, etc.) and percussive instruments that vibrate an enclosed air mass. . (Like Udu) or vibrate other things (such as plates or bars). Looking at the YouTube channel, we can’t help but think that they didn’t try to make the song!

If all this sounds familiar, well, we’re covered [Nicolas] At the time he was traveling for a gig and his instrument collection got lost in transit.

Thanks [Keith] For the tip!

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