A 3D-printed Nixi watch powered by an Arduino drives this robot

Although difficult to tell with pictures, this robot looks more like an old-fashioned watch model than anything like a Nixi tube. This is a project that anyone with a little Arduino tinkering experience can create. In this case, the 3D printer used by the Nixie watch project is a Prusa i3 (the same printer used to make the original Nixie tubes).

The Nixie watch project was started by a few students at the University of Washington who one day got bored and decided to create their own timepiece. After wandering around with some prototypes and codes, they came up with a design for the watch that was more functional than the ornament.

The result is a great example of how one can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing project with some leisure time.

Still confused? You should.

If you’ve been reading this far, you’re probably shaking your head and wondering what’s going on in Hackade. Should you not have guessed before, the paragraphs above were created by an AI – in this case Transformer – when the header image came from the popular DALL-E Mini, now rebranded as Craiyon. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. “This robot is powered by a 3D-printed Nixie clock powered by an Arduino.The practice sparked curiosity after the viral success of AI generators, raising questions about whether an AI hack could pass a passable knife into a piece. So that the text reflects those preferences, but the task of selecting can follow any option equally.

The text is reassuring both as a hackade writer because it does not manage to convey something useful, and a little surprising because only from that single prompt has it made meaningful and clear sentences that could one day flow from a hacked keyboard into a real article. It’s probably because Corpus has trained its model that we’ve found our way and it’s probably content so hackade-target it will be zero in that part of the source material, but it’s still uncomfortable to understand that a computer might just have your number somewhere. For now though, the hackade is safe on the keyboard of a bunch of meat bags.

We’ve already considered the potential for AI garbage when we look at GitHub Copilot.

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