A beautifully accurate PCB drill press you can build yourself

Making PCBs is not always just a nice copper mark on a beautiful fiberglass board. Often a lot of drilling is done! From this PCB drill press [w_k_fay] A professional should help you do this with finesse and precision.

The design is not particularly fancy or elegant, but only focuses on doing a simple job well. There is a basic DC motor, sitting on a linear rail so that it has a minimum deviation on the X and Y axes as it moves up and down. Special care was taken to ensure that the linear rail was mounted perfectly perpendicular to the base to ensure that the drill did not rotate or splash off the target.

A collet chalk is used in the bit center as much as possible for a good price. n The build also has a bright LED so you can see the best possible view of your work. Power is provided by a variable bench supply which allows for variable motion as required. The drill has a foot pedal to activate which allows both hands to be used to locate the work for extra ease of use.

The total build cost less than $ 50 by the time [w_k_fay] Done. Alternatively, you can use this 3D printed design to create your own. If you have made your own tools for home shop, don’t hesitate to give us a line!

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