A Linux distribution for Doom

If you go further into the world of Linux than standard desktop distributions like Ubuntu or Fedora, you have definitely come across some more purpose-built distributions. Some examples are ink for security testing, DragonOS for software-defined radio, or Hannah Montana Linux for certain music fans. Anyone can roll out their own Linux distribution with the right tools, including [Shadly]Who recently created one that only loads enough software to launch the 1993 Classic 7 Destiny.

The distribution is as simple as possible and does not load any swelling other than what is needed to launch the game. It loads the Linux kernel and standard utilities via BusyBox, then runs fbDOOM, a game port that is specifically designed to run on the Linux framebuffer with minimal dependency. After most of that, the only thing left is to use GRUB to boot the distribution, and in just a moment, Dumgui could start killing monsters. The entire distribution is placed on a bootable ISO file that can be placed on any bootable drive.

As far as possible Destiny Hacks up, we got used to seeing the game run on hardware it was never intended like NES or office phones. On the other hand, it gives us a little more insight into how little is needed for a full-fledged Linux distribution, unless you have to do something relatively straightforward.

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