A solar frame from scratch

“From the beginning” is a bit of a vague expression. How does it get scratchy? Are you just baking your own bread or are you growing your own wheat? Rotating your own solar installation is probably not involved in producing your own photovoltaic cells. But when it comes to making frames to hold your panels, why not make your own brackets and collect wood from nearby trees? What’s in it [Kris Harbour] Made with its over-engineered 8.4kW solar stand.

He already had a wind turbine and a few solar panels elsewhere in the property, however [Kris] Wanted a little more energy. At the beginning of the video, [Kris] An offhand comment that he wants it to last at least 30-40 years. Everything from the focus on the concrete footing to the large brackets and beams reflects that. The brackets were cut into his plasma CNC and the wood was cut into rough shapes using a saw mill at his property. He admits that the sapwood will rot somewhat after 20 years, but since the core of the posts is heartwood, structurally they will last a long time. After planning to the right size, cutting holes and grooves was an involved procedure. The structure is quite long once it is erected and we like to see it together. The most impressive thing here is that this structure was only assembled by a single person. All the rafters were cut, trimmed by hand to the correct size, and lifted into place. The panels were not delivered on time and he had to switch to using the new panels instead of the ones he had hoped for.

Previously, [Kris] Showed his impressive hydroelectric setup. We look forward to seeing all the new solar array power projects [Kris] Planning for the future. Video after the break.

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