A water leak detector that listens attentively

Water leaks can be harmful things. Even just a few drops per minute undetected inside a wall can cause great damage if not repaired long enough. AquaPing is a new device that hopes to detect water leaks with the help of acoustic methods.

AquaPing is a so-called “stand-off” sensor that is intended to detect leaks at a distance, even if they are inside a wall. No communication is required with the plumbing itself. Instead, the device detects broadband high-frequency noise created when water comes out of the pipe under pressure.

This is a method that is most suitable for leaking from cracked or loose objects. These create a characteristic hiss that can be picked up by signal analysis even if the word is obscured in human perception by other words in the area. However, leaks or rusty water tank droplets like sewer holes are best found in other methods, as they do not make this same signature sound.

The device will soon be launched as a purchasing product on Crowdsupply, but the project is a completely open source for those interested in diving into themselves. We’ve featured some other really creative leak detectors before! Video after the break.

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