Adjustable workholding for honeycomb tables, with some DIY

Honeycomb tables are often found in laser cutters, where they provide a way to flatten work components without interfering with things like airflow. This leads to a cleaner laser cut and a nice finish, but if someone’s work relies on precise positioning and placement, they give up what they want because there is no better way to easily and consistently rail, jigs or sort. Fashion

The solution [Ed] It found itself creating some adjustable offset stops designed to fit its laser cutter’s honeycomb table. Each has a wooden laser-cut disc, which is screwed out of the center in the form of an acetyl “plug” to fit into the vertical gaps of the beehive table. This allows each disc to rotate in fine-tune positioning. With the help of some T-shaped pegs that fit on the hive table, [Ed] It has everything it needs to fix a workpiece or something like a jigsaw in a specific and repetitive position.

The whole thing depends on the friction fit, so the size of the plug matches the construction of a particular honeycomb table. We think this makes it a good match for 3D printing, as one can measure and print plugs (probably using the Goldilocks method) that match the exact amount of snag.

Honeycomb tables are great for laser cutting, but an old radiator can make a pretty decent stand-in if you find yourself in a pinch for replacement.

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