Administrator controls to support Cisco Webex hybrid workforce

Cisco Webex has announced several new improvements to its Control Hub, aimed at enabling administrators to better support a hybrid workforce.

Control Hub is a centralized management portal that allows webbex administrators to configure their services, manage users and view usage analysis and reporting. The latest updates aim to speed up the identification and resolution of user-related issues and improve collaboration.

The headline feature is a new integration with Cisco’s ThousandEyes Monitoring Tool, aimed at helping IT admins diagnose and resolve quality issues with user video meetings, calls and events. The goal of integration is to help administrators learn whether a quality problem is caused by the company’s network, the user’s Internet service provider, or something else. Once the problematic link is identified, the control hub will provide diagnostic information to understand the cause of the problem.

ThousandEyes is a California-based company that provided network visibility and functions to companies that Cisco acquired in August 2020.

Cisco Webex also announced the new control hub as a coach feature. These allow users to track key metrics, receive step-by-step instructions on how to achieve key business results, and work on a quarterly basis and surface business-specific goals that can be tracked. This feature will be available to Webex users in the fall of 2022.

The final update simplifies the licensing provision by creating a template for a group of users who must have special licenses and settings to meet their consent requirements. As new employees are synced from Active Directory or onboard to WebEx, licensing and settings are applied automatically.

“Control Hub makes it easier for all companies to manage today’s distributed workforce – from a single blade of glass,” Jono Luke, vice president of product management at Webex, said in a blog post announcing the updates.

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