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Join us in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday, June 8 at noon for aerial robotics hack chat with Nick Rehm!

When it comes to robots, especially those who have to gain some autonomy, the more limited the environment in which they operate, the easier it is for them to deal with the world. An industrial arm tucked next to a production line, for example, would only have to think about placing its tool in its work envelope. Problems are mounted for something like an autonomous vehicle, though, which has to deal with two – or perhaps two – two – dimensions to the world.

But what about adding a third dimension? This is the state where aerial robots have to live and work and this is where the problems become really interesting. Not only are there rarely any obstacles to navigation, but you also have to deal with problems with aerodynamic forces, space navigation and control systems that respond to the slightest annoyance without additional compensation.

Join-hack-chatThe atmosphere is a difficult place for robots to make a living, and tackling the problems of aerobic robotics has occupied Nick Rehm for many years. As an aeronautical engineer at Johns Hopkins, Nick continues to solve autonomous flight problems, including the detection and avoidance of mid-air collisions, the development of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and fixed-wing aircraft, and even hack-chat aircraft. Will discuss the problems of aerial robots and the challenges of unconventional aviation and help us determine how to deal with the third dimension.

Our hack chat is a live community event at hack chat group messaging. This week we will be sitting on Wednesday, June 8 at 12:00 noon Pacific time. If you have time zones tied, we have a simple time zone converter.

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