An MP3 player that turns off Nintendo Vibes

Of course we love DIY MP3 players here on Hackade, but we don’t think we’ve seen one like the Cartridge MP3. [jpet26] Before.

All the electrical components that we have come to expect. [jpet26] Using the popular VS1053 decoder to read MP3 files stored on an SD card. It includes a potentiometer for volume adjustment, a USB C port for power and programming, a headphone jack for audio output, a general-purpose LED status and an on / off switch.

But what really caught our attention was the form factor [jpet26] Selected for its MP3 player. Although MP3 files are stored on an SD card, he uses a cartridge interface, like a Nintendo 64 or yesteryear’s Game Boy, to choose which MP3 to play on the SD card. The cartridge interface is tied to a number of GPIO pins, and the status of each pin is read, determining which MP3 device to select.

You could say the cartridge is a little unnecessary, and we won’t argue with you. The cartridge does not actually store MP3 files, but SD cards. This can be a bit more meaningful if the cartridge holds the SD card with a few selected MP3s stored on the card. This will be a wonderful way to share your favorite playlists with your friends So, yes there are some inexperienced handshakes, but who is not to blame for this from time to time? We liked it and thought you might appreciate it too.

Great MP3 player, [jpet26]! Can we suggest a speaker for V2? And maybe some flex wires.

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