An OS homebrew from scratch? Snowdrop shows how it is done

Ever wonder what it takes to roll out your own OS? [Sebastian]Its Snowdrop OS can give you some insight into that process and even some inspiration.

[Sebastian] Snowdrop has been created entirely from scratch using only the x86 assembly language. It boasts more than just bare bones, and boasts a number of useful utilities and programs, including a Basic Interpreter and Linker (to create a unique Basic executable) that doesn’t touch useful essentials like multitasking and a GUI framework. There are even several resources specifically designed to make game development easier. As the reason [Sebastian] Put it this way, what is an operating system without games?

Interested in trying Snowdrop, or peeking at source code? The binary and sources section contains everything you need and the other headings at the top of the page will send you to various related things. If you have a few minutes, we suggest you take a walkthrough of the various components and features of Snowdrop in this video tour (embedded after the page break.)

Snowdrop is an ambitious project, but we are not surprised [Sebastian] It worked; We’ve seen his low-level software prowess, along with his tremendous effort around classic stand-up arcade games, Knights of the Round.

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