Another Rubik’s Cube robot is simple but slow

[AndreaFavero] Says that CuboTino emphasizes simplicity and cost-saving rather than speed. However, solving the puzzle in about 90 seconds is still better than us. Plakey Solver uses a pie and a camera to understand what the cube looks like, and then runs it through a solver to determine how to move it.

Watching the video below, we are fascinated with the mechanics. The titled surface solves a few problems and simplifies manipulation. The way the mechanics are arranged, it only takes one pair of servos to rotate the cube to your liking.

Apparently, the cube is just looking at it for about 30 seconds out of 90 seconds to solve it. This is not a quick afternoon 3D print. There are 13 separate sections, though all should be fairly easy to print.

Okay, we’ve seen lots of Cube Solver before. But it is always interesting to see how different people approach the same problem. This machine, by the way, has seen an evolution of a previous one [AndreaFavero] Before. If you find that the instructions look a little light, remember that you need to download the complete instructions as a PDF file. That’s all the details.

If you want to create something more complex, you can go faster. You see, though, it takes a lot of work to get that extra speed.

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