Balance a motor with an oscilloscope

With everything in life, one must try to strike a balance. This may sound a bit like the New Age U-U, but if you think it’s not literally true, just try enduring a washing machine with a single comforter on a spin bike or driving a few miles on an unbalanced tire.

Anything that rotates if it is not properly balanced can quickly turn itself into a shrapnel and DIY power tool [Matthias Wandel]Its shop is no exception. Recent upgrades to his joint have made the tool a bit noisy, so he is exploring machine vibrations with this simple but clever setup. Use nothing but a cheap loudspeaker and an oscilloscope, [Matthias] He was able to detect vibrations in a small squirrel-cage blower – he chose a small start to intelligently test his method before diving into a potentially dangerous joint. There was much to learn from the complex waveforms returning from the transducer, the analysis of which was greatly assisted by the spectral analyzer function of the scope. The video below shows the process of testing different parts of the blower, separating the spectral peaks due to electrical noise rather than vibration, and actually using the setup to maintain the dynamic balance of the fan.

We would rate it as a simpler store tip [Matthias], And we will look for its joint analysis. Want to do the same but don’t have an oscilloscope? No problem – you may need an earbud and Audacity.

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