Beat your car’s autostop feature with a little switchbot

Nowadays, many new cars come with some form of “auto-stop” feature To save fuel and reduce emissions, it shuts off the engine at stop lights and other similar situations. Not everyone but fans, and [CGamer_OS] Every time he got in the car, he got sick because he had to turn off the feature. So they hired a small robot to handle the problem instead.

The robot in question is a switchbot, a small Internet of Things tool that is highly configurable for pressing buttons. It is literally a robot designed to press a button, either when instructed from a distance or when certain rules are met. It can even be configured to work with IFTTT.

In this case, the Switchbot is set up when activated [CGamer_OS]Its phone is placed on the phone mount, where it scans an NFC tag. When this happens, the autostop function shuts down, the switchbot works. It was set up this way to avoid hitting the switchboat button before the car started. Instead, simply activate the ‘bot’ that pops up on the smartphone in the cradle.

This is a rather creative use of SwitchBot. They are usually employed to turn on dumb devices like air conditioners or heaters which would otherwise be difficult to control via the internet. However, it works well, and that means [CGamer_OS] There was no permanent change in the car.

The design of the switchbot reminds us of the useless box, even if in this case it has a real purpose. Video after the break.

I was really tired of having to turn it off whenever I got in my car. Funny

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