Bottom line: Soda can help with almost any project

If there is one thing that is smaller than the average hacker at a given moment (besides the chips), it is the temporary small part storage. Just as new projects are created from small parts, diagnostics and commercial equipment are torn down into smaller parts. We think [amenjet] The answer may be – small container holder made from the bottom of the soda can.

You start by cutting the bottom of an empty can as you like. In the first video after the break, [amenjet] Score cans on what could be a purpose-built jig before cutting along the line with a tin snip, but you can use regular scissors if you have one. It is then a matter of pushing it in a circle around the perimeter of the print to secure the sharp edge.

The bottom of the print is graduated and ends with a small hole for a disc magnet. To keep prints from scratching on the table, [amenjet] Cover the bottom with crushed velvet. After making about a dozen of these things, they made a CNC tray to hold the three, which you can see in the second video. Each cavity in the tray is lined with more crushed velvet for elegance and stability.

Between the concave bottom of the can and those small lips, it should be particularly easy to actually retrieve a small portion from the pile and grab it. Between the utility and recycling aspects, it could easily enter the second challenge of the 2022 Hackade Awards, which will now run through Sunday, June 12th. This round is about recycling, recycling and reorganizing anything and everything to keep it out of the landfill. Start your entry today!

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