Breathe fresh air for some arcade classics

It is said that good things come in small packages, which is hard to deny when we see all the Nifty projects out there that were built in an Altoids tin. Now, if this is already true for regular-sized boxes, we can be doubly excited for anything in them. Small Different, whatever [Kayden Kehe] A small gaming console running the homebrew version of Snake, Breakout, Pong and a few others has decided to use it as accommodation for its mintyPico.

Since “Pico” has already left, the project is built around a raspberry pie pico board and is intended as a portable device, [Kayden] LiPo has a version that also has a battery charging circuit. A set of 3d-printed parts packs the board neatly into a tin with a matching battery and a button panel, while a size-appropriate SSH1106 goes into the OLED lid. All design files, including the game’s micropython code, can be found on the project’s GitHub page.

You can feel this weird feeling of familiarity when you read the name of the project and indeed, the mintyPi gaming console was a major inspiration. [Kayden] Here, as was the Pico Snake project. Considering its junior year high school project, it is certainly an impressive and excellent mash-up of those two projects.

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