Can a drone push a bike?

This sounds like a rhetorical question that a Midwestern engineer might ask, ‘Can you fix this bad PCB spin?’ [Tom Stanton] The title goes out to answer the question and builds a functional e-bike with a drone motor.

You might be thinking, A motor is a motor; What’s the big deal? But a drone motor and a regular e-bike motor are made for very different purposes. Drone motors spin at 30,000 RPM and an e-bike hub motor typically spins around 200-300 RPM when much larger. Additionally, a drone motor moves at small speeds with a large fan blowing and an e-bike motor can run almost endlessly.

The first step was to use gears and pulleys to reduce the RPM of the motor to provide more torque. CAD and 3D printing, after a while [Tom] A setup was ready to try. However, the motor burns quickly. With a slightly larger motor and more gear reduction, the version 2 performed significantly better. After a competition between a proper e-bike and a drone bike, the coils almost melted.

If you are thinking of electricizing your bike, we have some suggestions. We will give a second piece of advice for free: use a larger motor than the drone motor, although it works technically. Video after the break.

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