Casting Parts in Urethane: Tips from a Master

When you want a few copies of a thing, you can print them in 3D. When you want a ton of them, you can consider making a mold. If you are in those shoes then watch this video of yours [Robert Tolone] (Embedded below). Or heck, just check out All Of his videos.

Even in this single video from a few years ago, there are a ton of tips that will help you when you are trying to pour the right color resin in a silicone mold. In most cases, these appear to test everything in small quantities before pouring in large quantities, as there are many changes along the way. And that’s where [Robert]It shines through his experience – he knows all the problem spots that you need to check for.

In this case? Color match. Resin pigments are incredibly concentrated, so it is difficult to get the right amount. Mixing the color at a high concentration first and then slowly sub-diluting it allows more control. But even then, the dried product is significantly lighter than the mixture, so some testing is needed. [Robert] Siphom hides on the exact color of green and then pours some test batches. And then he pours it into the right shape of the mold to be sure.

This is one of the tips in this video, which is the tip of the mold-casting iceberg. Pour yourself a coffee, settle down, and you will surely learn something. If you are into more technical part and CNC machining then after so many years we still prefer guerrilla guides.

Thank you very much [Zane] This treasure is for tipping us off.

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