Cheap oscilloscope is … well … cheap

We always enjoy watching [Kerry Wong] Place an oscilloscope through its motion. Her latest video looks at a very cheap FNIRSI 1014D ‘scope that you can also find rebranded. You can usually find them in the usual place for less than $ 200. Can you get a reasonable chance for that cost? [Kerry] There is a list of problems ranging from short memory depth to low sensitivity He did like that it was USB powered so it could be operated from a simple battery pack, which would make it truly floating.

Like the ‘scope to see many other cheap’ opportunities, but you can see some discounts in terms of price. For example, encoder knobs do not have a push button function, making the scope more difficult to manage. Although the glasses are relatively modest, [Kerry] Not sure if the device was living near them.

The opportunity started quickly and there was reactive control, which is good. There was some weirdness in the display as the horizontal broom changed. The scope claims to have 100 MHz bandwidth. However, it appears to be widely overstated. In addition, some measurements were offset as the frequency increased.

Teardown shows that there is not much on the board and the design does not seem to be very sophisticated. Admittedly, the opportunity is cheap, but it is probably too cheap. [Kerry] Not impressed and neither were we from what we saw. His exact quote was: “I will not touch this ‘scope with a ten-foot pole.’

Last time we checked in with [Kerry], He was looking at cheap ‘scope meters which was good for the same price. It’s amazing how much time has changed for the cheap ‘scope.

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