Colking guns became a useful press tool for fuel line fittings

Ordinary caulking guns are really useful when you are doing some bathroom repairs or squirting construction of glue about the place. However, with a few simple modes, it can also be a great help in a mechanic’s workshop.

This is a great tool for pushing fittings cleanly on nylon fuel lines.

The build features a series of 3D-printed parts that can be easily adapted to a garden-variety colking gun. First there is a pair of fuel line clamps which are fastened together with nuts and bolts, between which nylon fuel line is inserted and the bolts are tightened to hold the line tightly at the end of the clamping gun. The fittings installed in the line are then placed in the plunger of the colking gun. Then it is easy to pull the trigger on the kolking gun to gently press the fitting on the nylon line.

This is a great hack that makes a useful linear press with just a few cents of PETG filament. If you find yourself working on a one-time fuel line in a modern car, this may be the equipment you need. Parts are available at Thingiverse for those interested in printing their own. The design is made for 3/8 inch lines, but can be easily modified or recreated for other diameters.

3D-printed tools can be effective in all sorts of ways, even in heavy-duty applications like press tooling. It often does not have the same longevity as traditional metal tooling, but for small one-stop work, cost savings are often more important than the hardness of the tooling. If you have created some great 3D-printed tools of your own, don’t hesitate to give us a line!

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