Computer-shaped Lego bricks have been brought to life

As children, many of us thought Wouldn’t it be nice if our miniature toys had a “real” function? Say, our toy cars were actually able to drive, or at least, the headlights could light up. [James Brown] 2 × 2 45 ° – Slope Lego bricks recreated by drawing on computer screens and panels captures some of this magical childhood expectation. Build a LEGO brick (Thread, Nitter) with an actual display inside.

This is possible with an exceptionally small OLED display and a microcontroller board that is not too large. It is designed to be plugged into a LEGO platform with an internal 9V battery, the power of which is exposed in the brick studs. [James] Care was taken to make it – the brick was made with a small 3D-printed form, and then, by molding it into what appeared to be silicone or resin.

We haven’t heard of more details like microcontrollers yet – at least, the displays look like those used in a different project. [James]’, A keyboard where each keycap has a display (Thread, Nitter). Nevertheless, it is wonderful to witness this feat of micro-engineering and fabrication. It reminds us of another impressive build we’ve covered recently – a 1/87 scale tiny smart car that’s as efficient as you can get!

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