Create your own virtual set

An old proverb says cheap, fast and good, choose two. So if you like [Philip Moss] And while quickly trying to create a comedy series on a limited budget, you still need to take some shortcuts to make it better. A shortcut [Philip] The set was removed and it was all virtualized.

If you’ve ever heard of creating a specific western-style space cowboy that uses a virtual set, you probably know what [Philip] Did. But for those who are not following, the idea is to have a huge LED wall and track where the camera is. By creating a 3d set, you can render it on the LED wall so that the perspective is right next to the camera. Although a huge LED wall was out of budget [Philip], Was not good old green curtain fabric. The idea was to set up a big green screen backdrop, put up some props, find some resources online and film the various shots needed. The camera keeps track of where you are in the virtual room, so things like calculating perspectives are easy. They also had large arUco tags to help them know where the objects were. You can fix a wall where the actors think there is a wall or a table right where you put a table covered in green cloth.

Initially, the camera was tracked using Viv Tracker and LiveLink although tracking was not smooth enough when used outside of static shots. However, it wasn’t a huge push because they could move the camera, start a new shot and not have to change the unreal or violin set with composing. Later, they switched to a RealSense camera instead of the Vive and found it to be much smoother, although it tended to flow.

The final result, called ‘Age of Outrage’, was quite good. Of course, it’s not perfect, but it does jump out and say “rendered set!” Don’t shout. The way CGI TV shows in the 90’s. Not too bad considering the hardware / software used to make it!

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