Custom cycling camper car-free continues

If you own a camper or RV, you may want to think twice before looking at the price of petrol. All that extra weight and air pull really eats up your fuel efficiency. [Drew] Camper decides to keep up but makes a teardrop trailer and pulls petrol out of the equation that he’s pulling on the back of his bike.

This is a relatively simple idea. A 1 ″ by 1 াত steel tube frame forms the bottom, which [Drew] Welded together. On top of that, plywood walls were built on a plywood foundation. The wheels were stolen from an old bicycle and the top was made with many bending techniques using a portable fabric steamer for clothing. [Drew] Used doors and windows were found in his backyard, which helped reduce costs. The trailer is heated with sheet foam because it is cheap and easy to cut.

In addition to creativity, there is a large focus on waterproofing and durability throughout this build. [Drew] Clogs are applied to the threads of each screw to prevent water from entering and rotting. Canvas was used instead of fiberglass to save costs because it provides a fairly high level of protection from rain when finished properly. Cheap LEDs and a USB battery pack have created stylish and functional lighting inside.

Overall, we think it’s been pretty good, and we’d love to ride somewhere and camp out in our own teardrop trailer. It’s a fantastic example of welding, woodworking, and some common tricks in the face of adversity. We’ve seen campers for solar-powered trailers for e-bikes and custom motorcycles before, and we think [Drew]Its trailer fits well. Video after the break.

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