DIY keyboards cannot be too small

PiPi Mherkin really, really can’t be too small. The tiny keyboard design mounts directly to the Pi Pico that is responsible for running it, has similar footprints and is about 9mm thick. It can’t be too small because it’s already as small as Pico.

Pi Pico is running PRK firmware, a keyboard framework that shows the device as a USB peripheral, checks the “Just works” box nicely. The buttons here are a bit dull to look at, but the switches used are available in a longer format, so it’s just a matter of choice.

We have to admit that the thing has a very clear look, but in such a small size we agree that it is probably a more compact macropad than a real, functional keyboard. Still, it can find a place in the right project. Design files online, if you are interested.

If you prefer small, compact keyboards but simple-sized keys, check out PiPi Mherkin’s older brother, PiPi Gherkin, which is clever with dual-function tap / hold keys to provide full functionality from just 30 keys with minimal hassle.

Keyboards are paramount and deserve our serious attention [Kristina Panos] Absolutely well know.

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