Document management tightens Adobe Microsoft integration for validation

Adobe is bringing greater integration of its document management, tracking and validation services to Microsoft’s product ecosystem, including a stronger connection to the Team and Purview data protection framework.

At Microsoft’s annual Build Software Conference, Adobe announced a new single sign-on option for Acrobat for Teams, integration with Purview from within the desktop version of Acrobat, and the Microsoft Power Automation functionality that allows users to use Acrobat Sign. It will make repetitive tasks easier. , Among other features.

Adobe has also announced unified installation technology for all newly released features, which means IT workers can deploy with relative ease across their organization, as well as achieve FedRAMP Moderate (an official security standard) certification and sign graph connection, which means sales contracts and onboarding. Checking signature status for things is now faster.

Adobe also recently shared a technical preview version of Live Share from, in conjunction with the Microsoft team. This feature, if and when it enters production, can allow teams of employees to collaborate live on a document, discuss it through the team and review it interactively.

Remote work sparks new integration

According to Adobe, the new feature sets, in large part, respond to epidemic-prompted spikes in remote work.

“The reality of our new hybrid work has turbocharged the transition from paper to digital, and no one can afford to lag behind,” the company said in a statement.

IDC Research Manager Steve Charbonnier says hybrid working models require different approaches to handling important documents – remote workers, above all, can’t just walk the HR’s hallway to get a new copy of an important form.

“The reason they’re looking at it is because it gives users a lot of flexibility in terms of how they automatically manage their sign-in processes,” he said. “It’s all managed, with the right audit trail attached.”

According to Charbonnier, perhaps the most important part of today’s Adobe announcement is Power Automated Integration with Acrobat Signs – a potentially powerful new component of electronic automated auditing across organizations.

“Overall, it’s a pretty nice move across the board,” he said. “Even the sine graph connector where they’re reducing the time to check status is a nice feature to include. But the power is automated. [feature] It gives them a lot more power. “

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