Domestic via Bluetooth speaker firmware mode

This may sound like a familiar problem – you get a Bluetooth speaker, and it sounds great, but it also emits all sorts of weird sounds every now and then. [Oleg Kutkov] Got myself a Sven PS460 speaker with FM radio functionality, but didn’t like the fact that the word “power on” was constantly loud without any respect for volume setting and the low battery notification sound was annoying. So, he disconnected the speaker, placed a flash chip next to the processor and started hacking.

Using a TL866 and minipro Software, he dropped the firmware and started searching for it binwalk. The default set of options didn’t look anything interesting, but he specifically decided to look for sound file signatures and successfully found a collection of MP3 files! It was a bit difficult to get rid of them properly, but he figured out how to get them out and loaded the whole repository into Audacity.

From there, he decides to calm down the annoying words – somewhat denying the “no respect for volume setting” aspect. After he exported the sound pack from Audacity, the file became significantly smaller, so he zero-padded it and finally inserted it into the firmware. Tests have shown that this served exactly the purpose! As a bonus, he replaced the word “battery low” with something that most of us would appreciate. Watch the demo video at the end of his writing.

Your Bluetooth speakers are said to be domesticated If for some reason you can’t do that, you can recreate them on an audio receiver – or perhaps, create your own Bluetooth speaker, which includes aesthetics and eliminates annoyance from the start.

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