Don’t mind if I ski-do

Hackers have an old tradition of just making their own. Whether the real thing is too expensive or you think you can do better, itching occurs and it can spread quickly. [Homemade Madness] He has a lot of itching to make his own jetsky.

What is a Jetsky but a boat with a shell on top? In an earlier video, he had made a boat out of plywood and, after the usual steps of fiberglass and ceiling, was proud to be floating in his relatively ordinary looking boat. But now that his work was at its peak, it was time to return to CAD. He printed out templates for all the shapes he needed, each with a different designated label, and glued them together with plywood. There’s no fancy CNC here, just a stationary hand and a jigsaw. We like the professional build instructions that he compiled for himself, detailing exactly how and where to slot each piece in the same quality as the LEGO. In addition to the top level of the Jetsky, he also designed a stand to rest while building the boat, which is only going an extra mile. A ceiling-mounted winch makes it easy to lift the ship into position. Next, he attaches all the different framing pieces with PU glue. The thin plywood acts as a cladding over the skeleton. Filling, sanding and overlapping the fiberglass structure makes it waterproof. After more sanding and some primer, and it was ready for another water test.

He has designed a version with an outboard motor, but he is trying to create one with a built-in jet drive. So we look forward to seeing the next step and he is cruising in his custom watercraft. But what he has already done is quite impressive. If you’re looking for something a little smaller to pull you around the water, why not check out this little 3d printed tug boat? Video after the break.

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