Doodle station beautifully musical furniture

Whether you are a modular synth enthusiast or just like the idea of ​​rad electronic jams, we can all go after the idea of ​​crazy electronic devices with buttons, dials and patch cables. The Doodlestation is an excellent example of this, built by ৷ [Love Hulten].

It has a custom 37-key keyboard that lets you input an input musical note in a simple way, along with a smiling animated MIDI visualizer that a man uses his face to shoot a rainbow. A thermometer is also built into the chassis, allowing your hand to control the sound through the magic of that layer. Even better, the steep part has a custom-built echo of the tape and you can even see the mechanical parts working and the mag strap twisting. That’s fun.

The custom hardware is paired with a series of off-the-shelf devices that add their own functionality to the mix. It includes a sequential OB-6 analog synthesizer, a mug DFAM drum module and a hologram microcosm loop and a glitch box for further noodling possibilities.

We like a good musical project around these parts; We’ve featured some great other projects for live electronic jams before. Video after the break.

[Thanks to Jonas for the tip!]

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