Doom is being ported to the forgotten Apple OS

Apple did not always have a refined user experience in their operating system. In the distant past of the 90’s they were still a kind of clunky computer, far removed from the polished, high-performance consumer machine of the modern age. Although not all that Apple offered then. They had a long forgotten alternative operating system called A / UX designed for official applications, and [Keriad] Here’s a look at some of our Relic operating systems and ports Destiny It is

A / UX was designed in the pre-PowerPC days when Macintosh computers ran on Motorola 68000 chips. Fortunately, [Keriad] A Mac Quadra 800 is just a chip that is still fully functional. Destiny Built with the NeXTSTEP operating system that can run on older Macs, thanks to another tool called MacX that allows X11 applications to run on Mac. A version of gcc for A / UX was also found and with the source code in hand they were finally able to compile a binary. There were several hiccups along the way (including lack of sound) but in the end Destiny This was running on a forgotten operating system.

In the end, the main problem with the build, in addition to the lack of sound, is that the game runs only 2 – 3 frames per second. [Keriad] Guess it’s because of all the adjustment levels needed to compile and run the game, but it’s still impressive. As far as we know, [Keriad] The first person to port Destiny In this operating system, however, if you are looking for something more straightforward, we would recommend this purpose-built Linux distribution whose sole job is to kill you monsters as soon as possible.

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