Drop that box? No, build a shelving unit

Are you one of those people who stores cardboard for a day, and then periodically breaks it down and leaves it for recycling because you haven’t done anything with it yet? Okay, load a new blade on the utility knife and fire that hot glue gun, because [Cardboard Ninja]Show how to make a shelving unit from the largest box in your collection.

[Cardboard Ninja] Cardboard can already be built quite cleverly by cutting legs from four long turns. This is repeated in the shelf, which is made from the side of the box – [Cardboard Ninja] Take advantage of the curves when it comes to cutting the shelves and make the other three with the edge of a metal ruler. The rest of the cardboard is dedicated to shelves and support for the legs.

Although you can use this unit to hold other small boxes lying around, it will be a gross under-use. As you can see, the way it is assembled, it can hold a total of 133 pounds (60 kg), if the rules of weight distribution are followed and the heaviest things are on the bottom shelf.

It looks like a lot of weight, but it’s made by someone who has a holster for their utility knife and calls himself [Cardboard Ninja], I think we can trust their stress test and go with it. Given ThatIt is always a good idea to anchor the shelving units to the wall.

You know, it will go well with this year’s Hackade Awards Challenge. Remember: this is the last weekend of entry, and the window closes on Sunday 7AM Pacific, so hack!

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