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We were all there. Pigeons are usually quite harmless, but they do not leave a mess. If you have a convertible or a bicycle or even a clean car, you probably don’t want to hang them [Max] Tired of a messy balcony, so you can approach any engineering problem, he worked his way through several possible solutions. Starts with plastic crows and naturally ends with an automatic water gun.

The resulting robotic water gun that targets pigeons with openness is a dandy project and although we are not generally in favor of shooting at nearby animals, we do not think a little water would be worse than rain for pigeons. Construction began with a cheap electric water pistol. A Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 development board provides brain power. The water pistol cannot easily carry a rechargeable battery, it is also better to separate the logic supply and the pump motor, so the D1 gets power from a USB power bank separate from the gun battery.

Leave that camera. An older iPhone 6S with a 3D printed bracket feeds video into a Python script that uses openCV. If looking for changes using a very specific algorithm to detect that something is moving and the gun is firing. It doesn’t seem to actually track pigeons, so it’s probably a thought for version 2.

Was it successful? Maybe, but the pigeons seem to have learned to avoid it. We still think Azimuth and height on the gun will help.

Most of the time when we see pigeon hacking they are used for malicious purposes. [Max] He should be happy that he does not have to deal with the lion.

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