Finally! A cyberdeck you want to use

Cyberdecks are designed for exciting projects, some rough and others nice, but this is something that even the most enthusiastic can agree – these home-made portable computers are not always the most convenient to use. So we are very happy to see this machine [TRL]Since it looks aesthetically pleasing to CyberDeck and renders it in a shape that looks like it might be quite practical to use.

It takes a Raspberry Pi and a Waveshare 1280 × 400 capacitive touch screen and mounts this combo with a keyboard on an unusually well-designed 3D printed chassis. With a flat screen, it resembles the venerable TRS-80 Model 100 “slab” computer of the early 1980’s, but turn it upside down, and an amazingly usable laptop will appear. Power comes from an external battery pack with a lead, but this is more than necessary due to heat handling problems with PSU boards. The Finishing Touch is a stylish custom laptop bag, creating a combo that we’ll take on the train any day to get articles out of the hack.

Looking around, we think maybe this could give Clockwork Devtarm a run for its money. Alternatively, you can take a look at this upgraded TRS-80 Model 100.

Thanks [The Kilted Swede] For the tip

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