Find ghosts on your wifi with Pwnton Pack

If there’s anything weird about your network, who would you call? If you want to diagnose your WiFi issues in style, try calling 7 [Travis Kaun] – She’ll probably show up after the amazing Pwnton pack. Made from a replica Proton pack similar to the one used in the 1984 Classic GhostbustersThis is a portable wireless security diagnostic kit that should be able to identify any vulnerabilities in your wireless network.

Inside, it’s got a Mark VII WiFi pineapple, a portable device designed for security testing purposes, as well as a raspberry pie running Pwnagotchi: a deep learning-based WiFi sniffer aimed at capturing those network packets that help you maximize your potential. WPA keys forcibly. These two devices are connected to an array of antennas with a cool rolling 5 GHz panel antenna to scan the surrounding area.

Naturally, the Pwnton pack also includes a neutrona wand, a 2.4 GHz Yagi antenna attached to an ESP32 programmed for authentication attacks. An Arduino Nano drives an LED matrix that shows scrolling Pac-Man Ghost, when a dedicated sound board provides movie sound effects. The entire system is powered by three LiPo battery packs, and can even be operated remotely if desired.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with one of those ghost traps to suck out the misguided WiFi networks, but the range of tools available will help catch some kind of weird phantom hidden in your system. We’ve seen a few Proton packs before, but never one with such improved functionality. Security testing systems tend to be a bit Less Obviously, above all

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