Get a virtual postcard in this beautiful e-ink photo frame

Sending postcards to loved ones was used as a standard way for travelers when travel was glamorous and communication was slow. While some travelers still cherish this tradition, many have replaced stamps and post offices with instant messaging and social media – faster and more convenient, much less special than receiving a postcard with a handwritten message from a distant land.

[Cameron] A postcard has designed a picture frame that aims to bring back that magic a bit. This is a wooden frame that contains an e-ink display that displays pictures sent by your friends. All they have to do is open the unique link you sent them before and upload an interesting picture; Picture frames will cycle through submissions based on a consistent schedule. A web interface lets you change settings and delete any inappropriate images.

A black PCB with an ESP32 mounted on itThe wooden frame is beautifully crafted, but the smooth black inside is a true work of PCB art. It has a battery and a USB-C charging circuit, as well as an ESP32 that connects to WiFi, saves images and downscale them in the 800 × 480 monochromatic format used by the display. [Cameron] Didn’t accurately measure current costs, but estimates it will work for about a year on a single charge thanks to the extremely low power requirements of the e-ink display.

It is an interesting idea for your friends to decide on the pictures shown in your house, if you can convince them to keep it decent. If you want more control over your e-ink display, check out this solar-powered model or this wall-mounted newspaper display.

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