GPS in about 100 videos

Do you know the meaning of the word IODC in GPS data? If so, great! If not, see the 32nd above the head [Michel van Biezen’s] 100-part video series on GPS. He probably goes a long way before you want to watch the other 31 videos. [Michel] Reminds you that you were in college talking about a professor who knows a lot. In fact, by scanning his YouTube channel, he knows a lot about everything from optics, chemistry, calligraphy filters, and lots of electronics.

There is a dedicated playlist for 2016 GPS videos So in about six years 32 videos ৷ So you may have a little time to catch up. Although the first video is quite introductory to your expectations, by the time you get to Video 7, things will move on to things like the C / A code, BPSK, and all the frame data bloody details, including the IODC sound.

We’re not sure what he’s going to do in the other 68 videos, but if you want to know everything about GPS, it will definitely be interesting. If you don’t, you can still enjoy some of his playlists on calculus, physics or other interesting subjects. All of what we saw was very informative.

You expect your GPS data to be accurate and it should be, without any kind of tampering. Not only is GPS decoding good for knowing where you are, it also helps you know if it’s for a very tough endurance at any given time.

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