Hackaday Award 2022: PewPew LCD plays with Python

[deshipu] Aka [Radomir Dopieralski] Has been building educational handhelds for over a decade now, and knows how to design hardware for effective teaching. Today, we’re drawn to the PewPew LCD project, the latest in the PewPew Student-Friendly Handheld Series, powered by CircuitPython.

The PewPew LCD, on the other hand, shows the typical PCB-built CR2032 battery holderThe goal of all these devices is consistent – to make game programming accessible and fun. This time around, the new PewPew has received an upgrade – from an 8 × 8 LED matrix to an LCD display, as an entry in the Hackade Prize Reuse, Recycle, Revamp round. It may not sound like much, but change in display technology is not the key. [deshipu] PewPew is working on ways to reduce the cost and assembly complexity of handhelds, and he found that there are plenty of older stock RH-112 displays, previously used on cellphones like the Nokia 1202, which are now as low as $ 1.30 per piece.

It’s extremely easy for PewPew to write games – this is a great platform for workshops and personal learning. There are already a lot of games and tutorials, and we can’t wait to see what great games people can create with all the extra pixels! And, of course, we appreciate setting an example to revitalize old displays – displays that would otherwise inevitably end up in a trash can behind a warehouse in China.

The Reuse, Recycle, Revamp Hackade Prize 2022 round will run for two more weeks. If you are making good use of something that would otherwise be discarded, please share with us so that we can all learn and be inspired by your projects!

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