Hackade Award 2022: Upcycling Acrylic Scrap

Living and working in a remote rain forest can be a daunting task for those who are currently stuck in a dirty suburb and can be sure that it has a lot of benefits. One downside, though, is that new equipment and tools are available in that remote location. For this reason, [Digital Naturalism Laboratories]Also known as [Dinalab]They need to be recycled or recycled as much as possible, including acrylic scraps left over from their laser cutting.

The process may seem straightforward, but it took a few more attempts to make it work and not burn acrylic. Acrylic is not thermoplastic like other plastics so it is very difficult to work with, and it takes some refinement of the process. But once the details are ironed, the acrylic scraps are basically gently heated between two steel plates (these are used using a sandwich press) and then pressed with a jack until they stick together on an attached sheet. The key to this process is to heat it up and press it for a long time, usually half an hour or more.

This process is finally sorted, [Dinalab] Thanks for reusing an element that can make the most of their available resources that most of us will end up with. It also helps to keep waste from landfills which would otherwise remain in the environment indefinitely. And, if that sounds familiar to you, then this same lab has already perfected other types of plastic recycling methods.

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