Hackade Award 2022: VintagePhone connects past with present (and future)

Brarrrring! Movies and TV are one thing, but the siren of a mobile phone playing in the same room is one of the words you carry forever. Not old enough to remember them? Ah, so what? There is no reason to lose these beauties in the history of time. In fact, we think older phones should be reused so that current and future generations can feel the good times of the finger-hooks of rotary dials and the high-voltage pill of those brass hours.

That’s right [Giulio Pons] Made with Vintagephone – turned a Rotary phone into a digital assistant with an analog interface. He reused all the good bits like rotary dial, bell, handset and hang-up switch and attached a Wemos ESP8266 development board with a mini motor driver shield and a voltage booster to ring the bell.

When it is all said and done, [Giulio] You will be able to set an alarm by dialing in time, ring one number to get the current time and date and ring another number to get the weather forecast. Reminiscent of our childhood recreation, the time to check in from the outside and the time to call the temperature that actually went inside the house on that boring rainy day.

Follow along [Giulio] As soon as the vintage phone comes alive in the logs, there are some great instructions for making a number similar to an old phone already lying around you. You can find the code on GitHub.

Is there some old technology lying around? Teach it some new tricks and enter the reuse, reuse, revamp round of the 2022 Hackaday Awards!

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