Hackade Podcast 171: Rent Apple Toolkit, DIY an Art CNC, or Save

Join Hackade Editor-in-Chief Elliott Williams and Staff Writer Dan Maloney to see the best and brightest hacks of the week. We start with a call for point-of-sale diversification, because who wants to carry cash? We move on to discuss glass as a building material, which is not really easy, but at least it can be sintered with a DIY-grade laser. Want to make a call on a pay phone in New York City? Too late – the end is gone, and we offer a worthy “good salvation”. We look at socially engineered birds to keep them away from what they should be Really Fear, discuss Apple’s potentially malicious compliance with right-to-repair and get skinny in the absolute unit of a CNC machine. Watching TV? It’s the 2000s, but the streaming doesn’t seem right either. Then again, what you see on a mechanical color TV is pretty great by definition.

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  • Congratulations [Tony] To identify last week’s Voltron theme songs!

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