How iPhone users with Windows PCs can now get ‘Continuum Camera’ features

About 50% of the smartphones used across the U.S. enterprise market are for the iPhone, and while Mac’s share is growing, there are still millions of iPhones that rely on Windows hardware for work. So, when Apple announced the Continuum Camera at WWDC last week, a lot of iPhone users, including Windows PCs, might be left behind.

But Camo said it was coming to their rescue.

What is a continuity camera?

Announced at a glimpse of WWDC 2022, the Continuum Camera allows iPhone users to turn their smartphone into a webcam to run the still unpublished iOS 16 that automatically syncs with a Mac still running with the unpublished macOS Ventura. When it is sent, it will give users much higher quality video for zoom calls.

For Windows-user iPhone owners, a third-party app called Camo, made by Reincubate, is available for Windows and Mac (and compatible with Android). Following WWDC, the developer has taken the initiative to move its fast followers forward with a bunch of new features announced this week.

What’s a cameo?

As reported in February, Camo allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam. Camo already supports a wide range of devices, including older iPhones that will never run Continuum cameras because they will not be supported by iOS 16.

It runs on any Mac or Mac Mac powered Mac 2010 or later as well as Windows systems – although the latest enhancements to the app are not yet available on Windows. And it is used for video conferencing CNBC tech columnist Joanna Stern.

What’s new in Camo?

Reincubate has announced a range of new features that take its solution a few steps further than Apple’s own. Most of them are suitable for enterprise professionals, including things like drag-and-drop overlay editors, a gallery of 17 editable templates, a preview tool, and hotkeys for quick-switching between overlays.

It is possible to create your own template, which means you can display your company logo on a call, for example, or share a template across your company to do it, whether you use a Mac or a PC. You control some advanced features using the Camo Studio app, where you can adjust, control and compose your images, as well as choose overlays.

You’ll also have access to the iPhone’s zoom features, which means you can crop, pan and rotate the image to get the best possible image.

Reincubate what said

Aidan Fitzpatrick, CEO of Raincube, explained in a statement what the company was doing. “We are thrilled to be able to bring deeper, more pleasing overlay features to the camouflage.” He said 6 “Overlays help users stand out and create a professional look in video calls, recordings and streams, and inspire Camor’s pre-built templates and save time. Users can choose a readymade overlay and add their details to start promoting their channel, business and stream.” It just works. “

Who is it for?

If you use an iPhone, even an older model, you already have a much better camera than the webcam you probably use on your Mac or Windows PC. However, if you’re a remote or hybrid worker, you probably want to see your best for your next video collaboration meeting. The Camo makes it possible and goes a few steps further than Apple with the Continuum camera.

In other words, it’s a great tool to use the camera you always have on your iPhone for better video meetings, no matter how old your company’s Mac or PC is – as long as it allows you to install camouflage.

Camo supports dozens of video collaboration services, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, FaceTime, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, GotMeeting, Cisco WebX, QuickTime, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp and more.

nitty-gritty details

The new overlay features are available today for both free and paid versions of Camo Studio 1.7 for MacOS and can be downloaded from or the App Store. The same feature is on the way to Windows in the coming months.

The Pro version (with best features) will cost 4.99 / month, $ 39.99 / year or $ 79.99 for a lifetime license.

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