Huge Apple Toolkit for Fixing Your iPhone

It has been a frequent criticism of Apple that their products are difficult to repair. They’re back with a self-repair program for the iPhone, and they’ll rent you a tool kit if you want to take advantage of it. Not the iFixit box you might expect, instead they give you two thick suitcases that contain 36kg of tools and equipment. Yes, you can repair an iPhone, but they make sure it’s not for the faint-hearted.

The kit contains an impressive array of everything you need for your iDevice, including the right heat plate and pressure for work. There’s nothing to mess with with your $ 49 rental costs and a এ 1200 hot air gun if you don’t return the equipment, but it’s an incredibly difficult and expensive process for everyone except the most dedicated Apple fanboy technicians.

From the senses Edge The article is that Apple has twisted their arm to such an extent that they must provide a repair option, but they have gone to unreasonable lengths to do something that no one in their right mind would follow. There’s an attraction in the idea of ​​playing with a fully-equipped Apple repair kit for a few days, but it’s probably not worth it.

Even without the Apple Toolkit, it’s still possible to upgrade your iPhone.

Thanks [Nikolai Ivanov] For the tip

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