If you have software pants, why wear clothes?

As many of us have worked from home in the last two years, it has become really clear that people generally dislike sitting all day wearing pants. Until a utopian time when all clothing is considered unisex, and as many men like women kick it loose, flowing skirts and dresses, you may want to remember that wearing something under your lower half, although pants can be uncomfortable. But there is another way – you can build [Everything Is Hacked]Pants filter and continue to be a messing agent. Watch the video after the break.

These pants go as wide as you like.

That’s right, you forget or forget to decorate yourself below the equator, the pants filter has you covered. It works just as you expect – machine learning tracks body landmarks and postures to determine where your NSFW area is and keeps it wrapped.

By default, it blurs everything under the belt, or if you lean towards tight-white expressions and prefer more coverage, you can draw pants. You can adjust the width of the pants to cover the Covid-19 which you can wear after 2020 and even change the pants to match your shirt.

We love that [Everything Is Hacked] Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known as a local taco joint. After the weird look of the first few rounds, he switched his pants to the mustache to save face.

Want to add more fun to those annoying video calls? Try attaching some vintage hardware, or install a pool chain to end those sessions with a gesture that won’t let you down.

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