India bytes: 5G testing; OT cyber security strategies; NTT’s new data center;

The Technical Branch (DoT) of the Department of Telecommunications, Center for Telecommunication Engineering (TEC), has partnered with VVDN Technologies, an Indian product engineering and manufacturing company for 5G / Open RAN testing.

This Public-Private Partnership (PPP) will help registered startups, innovators and MSMEs working in the field of ORAN to test their products at VVDN’s existing lab in Gurugram. It can be tested for interactivity between ORAN components from different vendors, including radio conferencing, protocol, and interface testing. The validity of this PPP is five years.

The product offered for testing will be certified by TEC. This test will accelerate the innovation of certification ecosystem domestic design and manufacturing research and make India a design testing and certification hub in Asia.

With the rise of digital transformation, it is now imperative for companies to start rethinking and rethinking their cyber security strategies, especially towards operational technology. According to a Deloitte survey, OT has emerged as a lucrative target for cybercriminals.

While IT − OT integration has several advantages, it brings with it many cyber security challenges. OT resources that are by-and-large complex, still operating on obsolete versions of operating systems and software, make the OT environment even more risky when combined with IT. Attacks on companies, including OT systems, are on the rise. The use of legacy systems, the lack of proper network segmentation, the absence of strong governance, security policies, and surveillance, and insecure remote access are leading to cyber vulnerabilities.

The study suggested that there should be a special OT cybersecurity team mapped to the CISO function to encourage better measures, control and monitoring. Collaborative governance with senior IT leadership can provide appropriate focus on OT systems and help better relate and evaluate the impact of cyber risk on business operations.

Technology services firm NTT Global Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure have announced the launch of its new Hyperscale Data Center campus in Mumbai. Hyperscale data centers are larger and larger than enterprise data centers with at least 5,000 servers over 10,000 square feet. NTT’s NAV1A data center spans 400,000 square feet and will support 5,000 rack hosting capacity and more than 30MW IT load.

It is part of the company’s 2 2 billion by 2020 to scale its infrastructural facilities. In addition, NTT now has 12 data centers across the country, including Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Chennai, with a capacity of 220 MW.

“… Recent initiatives by the Government of India, particularly on data localization policy, and digitization of services across various verticals, have seen a sharp increase in demand for data center, cloud, remote-working, and cyber security products and services. Masaki Moribayashi, president and board director of NTT, said in a company statement.

May 11 was celebrated as National Technology Day in the country, marking India’s progress in technology. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah greeted all the scientists, researchers and engineers involved in science and technology.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, our progress in science and technology has accelerated and his policies have been grounded through policies like Digital India and the Self-Reliance India Campaign,” Shah said.

At the National Technology Day 2022 event, Union Minister Jitendra Singh presented awards to seven startups for their work in the fields of quantum data security, AI-powered robots for electronic assemblies, cryogenic technology and cyber security systems.

Uber plans to hire engineers, data scientists and program managers by the end of 2022 for its technology centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

According to the report, the app-based mobility service provider hired 250 engineers in 2021. Uber currently has a 1000-member technology team in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The recruitment is part of a plan to expand its technical center, not only in India, but across the world, including the United States, Canada, Amsterdam and more.

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