Induction heaters use new coils

Induction cook tops are the most effective way to cook at home that is commercially available to the average person. Since the cooking surface cookware itself uses magnetic fields to generate heat, it basically does not lose any heat. There are also some other benefits, such as faster cooking time and more sophisticated controls, not to mention that it is possible to build your own induction stove. All you need is some iron, wire and a power source and you may have something like this homemade induction cooker.

This induction heater also has a sleeve. Instead of using an air coil to generate heat in the cookware, it uses an iron core. The creator of the project [mircemk] Built an air core induction stove in the past, and this new one is almost identical except for the addition of an iron core. This allows the use of fewer cables and uses a driver circuit called a Magellan ZVS driver running through some power MOSFET to get the device. A couple of inductor currents limit the current to 20A, but it seems to work just like the previous stove.

This build keeps a home-made induction stove within reach of anyone with enough wires and inductors to make a suitable power supply and coil. [mircemk] The cable has made some name for itself with projects that use different coils, also, like this project we recently featured using two overlapping air-core coils to create an effective metal detector.

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