Inside an eBay marking laser

When it comes to trolling eBay for great things, some people have luck. Although what we saw were fake chips and clearly listed as broken gear, “good condition, power on”, [Les Wright] In fact, he has managed to get more than bargaining for one of his recent eBay purchases.

His video teardown and an art-marked laser tour, [Les] Suggests that he was really into it just for the sake of optics – which is not a surprise, given his interest in optics in general and lasers in particular. 20-W CO2 The laser once engraved on barcodes and similar products in the assembly line, but with its own 2009 date code, it was a safe bet that it was pitched due to a burnt laser tube. But still high-quality IR optics and an accurate XY galvanometer assembly remained to be collected, so [Les] Pressed on

The laser itself was built around a Synrad RF-stimulating CO2 Tube. By a happy accident, [Les] It turns out that the laser actually works, at least most of the time. There seems to be an intermediate problem with the RF driver, but the laser works long enough to release the magic smoke from anything combustible in its path. Galvos also works – [Les] Was able to run them with a Tennessee and a few open source libraries.

Galvos, lenses worth more than $ 800, and a functional laser tube – not a bad ride. What we see will follow along [Les] This creates booty.

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